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“SIEMT has an excellent curriculum that focuses on the development of skills necessary to be a successful Emergency Medical Technician. It is taught by a group of instructors that not only have a great wealth of practiced medical background in the field, but also the teaching experience to convey this knowledge to their students. Dr. Billy McDonald is incredibly passionate about his program, and it shows in the attention and effort he gives to his students and his classes. I travelled from Pennsylvania every week because it was well worth the quality of instruction I received. I would highly recommend SIEMT to anyone training to become an EMT or Paramedic, whether as a career or a volunteer.”

Connor M., Spring 2023

“I would 100% recommend SIEMT to anyone looking to start a career in EMS. SIEMT’s instructors are very experienced in the field and will teach you everything you need to know and more. After completing this program, I feel more than prepared to work as an EMT because my experience and education here has provided me with a strong foundation to succeed. I will definitely be coming back for my refresher!”

Joe B., Spring 2023

“I was an SIEMT student in the Fall of 2008. This was my change of career decision. In a troubled time, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. SIEMT was and continues to be the best. The instructors are friendly, caring, and knowledgeable. Since my graduation, my EMS experience has been challenging, frustrating, and a continuing learning experience but always satisfying. SIEMT made that happen.”

Mark H., Fall 2008

I attended the Staten Island Emergency Medical Training Center EMT course last summer. Taking that program was an overall rewarding experience, to say the least. At first, I was extremely nervous to begin this kind of program as I didn’t think I would “fit in” and possibly even fall behind because of my fear of not being strong enough nor tall enough to succeed compared to my peers. On the first day, I was delighted to see a diverse group of individuals who were all there to reach the same goal. I made friends with many of my classmates as we all worked together to complete the final skills exam and the state exam. Spending 3+ hours a night, 3 times a week in the summer can sound dreadful but I enjoyed every class. The instructors made every lecture and skill day super interactive and enjoyable. We even got the opportunity to complete rotations with various hospitals on the Island, which was a super great learning opportunity and, of course, a great way to be introduced to the career.

I took this course in hopes of becoming an EMT to gain patient care hours to apply to PA school. After I became certified, I volunteered here and there at my university’s on-campus ambulance service. It was extremely rewarding and I’m proud to say I applied to Wagner College’s PA program and was accepted! It was a great highlight in my interviewing process and acceptance.

If there is any specific program to take to become EMT certified, it would be at the Staten Island Emergency Medical Training Center program.

Gianna M., Summer 2022

This program was a life changing experience for me. I cannot say enough good things about this program and all of the instructors involved. This was such an organized and well ran program that if anybody was interested in becoming an EMT this is where I’d direct them to. This program’s well instructed education resulted in me passing the state exam on my first attempt. This was truly an amazing program to be a part of thank you SIEMT.

Michael O., Summer 2023

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